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A combination unit is a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler combined within one compact unit. Water is heated directly from the water main eliminating the need for a hot water storage tank. Because hot water is delivered to your taps or showers at high pressure, it’s very convenient and can save on your hot water costs.

Our expert technicians will help you understand more about your options. We offer affordable prices, repair, installation and maintenance services on Bosch and many other brands.

Below is just one of the excellent combination units that we both sell and support:

Bosch Greenstar Combi 151
  • Aluminum-Silicon heat exchanger delivers high efficiency - 96.8% with low temperature applications (94.3% AFUE)
  • Simple, intelligent control options optimize efficiency and fuel consumption
  • Low electrical consumption when the boiler is in standby mode
  • Limited lifetime heat exchanger and 5-year parts & labor warranty
  • Available as NG or LP
  • Special insulation ensures ultra-quiet operation
  • Compact dimensions and built-in frost protection offer flexibility for location of installation
  • ECO mode for energy saving fuel consumption
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